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Hello, and welcome to Blue Cauldron Software!

At Blue Cauldron Software, we strive to bring you the highest quality games and programs available. Our dedicated staff is always working hard to offer you the most exciting and enjoyable games. Games are our passion, and we are excited to create worlds and stories for you to experience.

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Crafted with Experience

We're all gamers here, and we know that each gamer has his or her own preferences when it comes to gaming. From the most hardcore enthusiast to the intrigued newcomer, a tailored and customizable experience can have a most profound effect on the player's immersion and enjoyment.

For this reason, we do not want to limit ourselves to one or two genres. At BCS, it's all fair game.

Pick Your Poison:

Role-Playing, Action, Adventure, First Person Shooter, Fighting, Real-Time Strategy, Flight, Simulation, Puzzle, Card, Casual, Online

No matter what the type of game, we will always do our absolute best to bring you the most enjoyable experience. We want our players to be completely engaged whenever they are playing, and will always provide a deep, intricate experience.

We also want our players to feel a true sense of accomplishment when they complete our games. Games can make life-long memories which can not be created in any other medium. We hope to harness this power to bring real joy to our players.

Pick Your Platform:

PC, Console, or Mobile

When you purchase a game from Blue Cauldron Software, it is yours. You can download it to any platform on which it is offered without having to pay again, and this won't always mean having to play through the game separately on each platform.

Whenever possible, we will make our games cross-platform capable. Start playing a game on your PC, then move seamlessly to your console without having to do anything special. Don't have access to your PC or console game system? Some of our games will include free mobile apps which can allow players to experience parts of the story while they are away from home.

We Appreciate Your Visit

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